Rental of Ice Equipments / Trucks & Events

With our vast experience with numerous small to big scale events like Formula One, Oktoberfest or Food Hotel Asia , trust only Tuck Lee Ice to arrange your ice and beverage needs. Our meticulous management and prompt service will ensure your event runs smoothly.  We can do multi drop off points be it day or night. We endeavour to ensure your ice as well as beverages is dropped off at the right location. Contact us for a non-obligatory quotation now!

Rental of Ice Equipments / Truck

Tuck Lee provides important benefits and services to consumers and businesses alike, such as chilling their favorite beverages and transporting temperature-sensitive products.

We provide cooler boxes, freezer, cold trucks and ice kachang machine for major events, carnivals, parties and weddings. Ice plays an integral role in the Singaporean lifestyle, and Tuck Lee is committed to being the premier manufacturer and supplier.

Tuck Lee owns 50 cold trucks with a production capacity of 200 tons food-grade ice per day. Tuck Lee services its customers 365 days round-the-clock. We are back by committed personnel to give customers the utmost satisfaction.